No More Excuses!

Do you ever hear yourself saying "I'll tackle my weight, health, fitness, when the time is right?"

I hear this from my clients, friends and family all the time. And I get it! Sometimes life can be too overwhelming for you to tackle another thing. That's ok as long as you take a minute to define to yourself what the "right time" will look like?

I remember when I wanted to start having a family and thinking I should wait until the "right time". It's a good thing I didn't, because that time NEVER would have come! Nothing could really prepare me for the responsibility of another life that is completely helpless and completely reliant on me!

When I became pregnant I was scared but thought I'll just figure it out. I've got my family to help.

Guess what happened? Six weeks after my daughter was born my mother passed away. Wham!! To say that time of my life was hard is an understatement. I had a six week old baby, stitches from here to kingdom come (I'm not kidding-she was 10lbs 8oz!!), no father to help me out and my sister was only 18 years old. So I had to take care of everything and continue to look after my new baby.

Could I have prepared for that? NO!

Did I get through it? YES!!

What I'm trying to tell you is don't wait for the right time to start looking after yourself! Life is ALWAYS going to throw wrenches into the works whether we like it or not, no matter how much we plan. Learning to do what is best for ourselves regardless of what life throws at us-that is powerful! That gets you through feeling your best or the best you can under the circumstances! That helps you to navigate the good with the bad! That allows you to live!

What do you want?

Do you want to scrape by with your head in the sand, barely existing? Or do you want to thrive? Live life to the fullest and love every minute of it!!

If you chose option number 2 then the time is NOW. Not after Christmas, when your children are older, when your job settles down-NOW!

If what I just said made you angry with me, made you think "She doesn't know what I'm going through right now!", first of all, you are right, I don't know your situation. There may be some situations where the time isn't right. But your health will not wait.

Why did my mother pass away so young? Because she didn't look after her health. She was waiting for the "right time". That's why I care so much about YOU! I see too many people doing the same thing