Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With The "Fit, Fun, & Fabulous Challenge":

7 Day Meal Plan ($79 Value)

Easy to access Pdf makes it easy to know exactly what to eat to lose weight, get ready for summer before the shorts come out of the closet, and feel sexy and confident in your summer clothes.

Full Grocery List ($79 Value)
Print the Pdf and take it with you to the store!. Makes it easy to know exactly what groceries you need to make all your meals, cook your meals easily and quickly, and enjoy less time cooking .

Facebook Group ($600 Value)
Group coaching makes it easy to get support throughout the challenge, no falling off track or not know what you should do, and complete the challenge easily .

14 Workouts Under 30 minutes ($97 Value)
Easy to access video classes makes it easy to workout everyday without guessing what you should do, increase your metabolism and tone up your body, and look amazing in shorts and short sleeves.

Fit, Fun, & Fabulous E-Book ($97 Value)
This beautiful E-Book makes it easy to clearly understand every step of the challenge , complete the actions steps easily, and embrace your nutrition like never before.


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"I completed the 14 day Fit, Fun, & Fabulous Challenge and it was amazing! I felt energized everyday. Deirdre is an outstanding fitness coach and an extremely knowledgeable health coach. I highly recommend Dragonfly Vitality!! "  Leslie S.

"I really enjoyed the group aspect of the Fun Fit and Fabulous program. Knowing that other women were also doing the challenge with me helped me to feel supported to stay strong with my healthier eating choices. This helps me to feel energized for the day. Thanks Deirdre for helping me to be mindful of what I eat and for reminding me that healthy foods are also delicious!"

Alanna B.

"This course has been a part of shaking up these habits because I didn’t like how I was feeling, tired, trouble sleeping, anxious, intense hot flashes and headaches. Deirdre not only provides a program that you can follow but helps you to learn how you can modify it to meet your personal challenges. She helps you to learn how you can set yourself up for success! Thank you Deirdre for providing me with the tools and support to help me keep hanging in there in my struggles to feel better."

Diane M.