Transform to your best moods,

best body and best life ever!

Whitby Home Based Studio

Hi! I'm Deirdre.

I help you to improve your health, moods, and mindset through Online Coaching in the comfort of your own home. Enhance your strength and endurance as we work towards your fitness goals!

" A total body workout. Deirdre keeps it fun while challenging & regularly introduced new exercises & moves to keep the classes interesting. And she knows fitness! Very knowledgeable!"  

Angie P.

"I went into the massage with a kink in my hip and tense shoulders. Deirdre worked some kind of magic and lulled me into an amazing relaxed state while gently loosening up and massaging my hips and legs before moving on to my shoulders. Towards the end I drifted into a glorious nap, and felt soooo great, relaxed and well-cared for. She really is just amazing."

Laurie-Jean B.

A comfortable nonjudgmental environment

with a caring and knowledgeable instructor. Something different to explore in each yoga

class, truly an enjoyable experience.

Karen E.

No starvation diets! No extreme excercises!



90 Day Body

Transformation Intensive



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